Welcome Back, Redding, CA!

Ok, I’m not gonna lie.  I had a great summer.  Now, not the kind of summer you’ll remember forever (like trips to Disneyland or climbing Half Dome), but still, pretty darn good.  Spent a lot of time in my sister-in-law’s pool.  Watched my nephew graduate from High School and watched his sister move out of her childhood home and into her new home with her boyfriend.  Spent a lot of time sleeping.  Which is good, as I’m not a very good sleeper.  Moved the trailer around from town to town and spent a glorious week with the puppies in a wide open grassy field.  Got spoiled by my husband and tried growing my bangs out.  Welcomed my grandchildren (they’re my husband’s son’s kids) in a move from TX to CA and brought them to their first day of school.  Celebrated with my brother-in-law as he opened a new business.  Made amends with my sister and strengthened my relationship with my brother.  Mourned my mom as another of her birthdays passed.  Thoroughly enjoyed my son and fell in love with his girlfriend.

All in all, not too shabby…..

It’s nice to be able to relax when we can.  Especially when you know things are about to get crazy busy!  Welcome, Class of 2015 – we’re glad you’re here!

Enterprise High School Senior Portrait

Enterprise High School Senior Portrait

Senior Portrait Photographer (Photographer in Redding)

Who says senior portraits have to be boring?  This photo was his 2nd yearbook picture this year for Enterprise High. It showed his personality to a T! What’s your personality, how do you want to be remembered in your senior year of high school? Call today for a free portrait consult! Our Spring special is just around the corner so book early for a good spot! 223-5456

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Senior Portrait Photography – Pure image, no photoshop

We recently purchased a new camera, well 4 months ago, and between Tommy’s skill and the new camera, the color we  achieve is amazing! This image is straight out of the camera, no photoshopping whatsoever.
This senior did great during her outdoor photo shoot, she wanted an urban fashion look. What do you want to do for your senior pics? Call now to schedule, appts are booking up! 223-5456

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